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How to set command line arguments when writing OllyPlugin ?


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I want to write a plugin that can set command line.

The executable have some dynamic arguments ,so i decided to write a plugin.

I browsed some apis from ollydbg plugin help, couldnot find .Or i missed something .

Any hint , so appreciated .


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There's no official API for that.

You could implement _ODBG_Pluginreset callback function and put the required command line into the appropriate buffer in Olly memory. Then OllyDbg will create process with the command line you wanted.

Quick Delphi Code I used to test the idea (requires ImmPlugin.PAS and OllyDbg 1.10 Final):

function PluginReset() : integer; cdecl;var   target : pointer;   source : pchar;begin   target := pointer($4D5D88);  // this is where the command line is stored in Olly memory   source := pchar('Hello world!');     // this is the command line I want to have.   CopyMemory(target, source, strlen(source)+1);  // +1 to put trailing zero after the commandline   result := 0;end;
Of course, real plugin code should check the debugged process name, handle more than one Olly version, check for errors, etc, etc..
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