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[Crackme] RDG Simple Crackme .NET v5 2015


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Buggy/non-working by default on Win7 x64. Reason - certain features require administrator rights, but EXE manifest doesn't say so. ;)

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No error, just the 2nd process won't run, you get "bad boy" message right away. Right-click and "Run as administrator" solves the problem. Probably. At least it seems to run as intended.


It might be as well that my antivirus (Bitdefender) doesn't like the dirty tricks you're using. ;)


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kao : 



May I suggest that you reconsider the protection, as antiviruses really really hate it?


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I should upload directly the level 10 hehe.


all this version can be solved using process hacker.because the serial can be found on the memory. the Level 6 include different authentication method


kao you are a machine!

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@RDGMax: thank you for kind words. :)

It was actually not that different from previous one. All the main protections (anti-patch, anti-debug, encrypted strings, hidden good boy message, etc.) are the same as before.

The biggest change was that you added an extra check (probably because of my tutorial :D):

if (Strings.Len(correctSerial) == Strings.Len(enteredSerial))   // this check is new in v5{   if (Operators.CompareString(correctSerial, enteredSerial, false) == 0)   {      goodBoy();   }}
So, instead of logging CompareString parameters, I logged Strings.Len parameters. Easy as pie. :)
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