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[CrackMe/UnpackMe] Enigma 4.20++


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Hi guys, here's a quite simple crackme and packed with enigma. Let's see if you can unpack it & crack it :)


The "License scheme" Is very simple and only contains numbers. The goal is not to write the License denied message, but the other one :)


Why is it ++? Because I tried to use Enigma as deep as possible :) I used markers, vm and some more. There are a few stuff which I couldn't figure out how to use, but I think it should be harder than simply unpacking an enigma.


Link to download:



Good luck guys.



Added file to the post

Modified description a bit


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Oh, damn, sorry I think I will have to recompile it. fornicating VS -_- Sadly it's only compatible with Vista+ --- VS2013 creates this kind of new exe which is not compatible with XP. Sorry mate, I'll recompile & protect it when I'll have time.

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