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Didn't see a suggestion / feedback place so figured this would be the next best place to post suggestions.
I suggest that we break the CrackMe's / UnPackMe's / KeygenMe's into two separate sections.

 - Commercial Packer/Protector CrackMe's / UnPackMe's / KeygenMe's

 - Home-Made Packer/Protector CrackMe's / UnPackMe's / KeygenMe's


Lately the section has turned into people just packing files with commercial / known packers and are cherry picking for tutorials on how to unpack them. The section has kind of died from the original intent of it being a fun place to share self-created work and provide a fun challenge for users. Instead, people are now just posting the same thing over and over about the same ~4 packers / obfuscators for .NET and it is kind of just making the section look fairly bad. 


Instead, it seems like it would be better suited to have the section broken into two sub-forums. 1 for all the typical crap that is being posted now, and 1 for things people make themselves, protections that are home-brewed, keygens/crackmes/unpackmes that are not just protected with some free/commercial protector they Googled'd for.

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Teddy Rogers

I know exactly what you mean. I have been getting a bit tired of the same/similar .NET unpackme's being posted and have been mulling over removing all .NET unpackme's from being posted from that forum altogether. It's all very repetative and personally I find .NET protectors and obfuscators uninteresting. It seems to have become a race of changing obfuscation techniques before tools are updated to handle them.


I am happy to receive some additional input and suggestions before making a definitive decision on a course of action. If you guys have suggestions please let me know, thank you...



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Out-right blocking it is kind of overkill I think. Forcing it into two separate sections would seem like enough to split up the legit content vs. the same .NET topics over and over in my opinion. 


Outside of that perhaps holding some sort of weekly contests or something to help bring back self-made routines and packers/protectors. Give people a special title or rank for a week or something.

Just little things to spice stuff up and help promote posting self-made files rather then the repetitive junk that's made currently.


The other downside to the section right now is that it seems people have lost the interest in posting tutorials for things or posting tools / scripts that aid in the objective of the topics at hand. Instead people are more just posting their unpacked file for bragging rights or similar and never really give back to the site which was the original intent of this place. Given that its a site aimed at helping others and making tutorials to share knowledge with others, the current state of that section is far from that goal of the website I think.


Perhaps some other things to help encourage people to post tutorials as well rather then just posting their unpacked file with no info. Not to say many will do anything against their will and all but I'm sure as a community ideas can be thought up to help provoke people to contribute more then just a bragging post with a file attached that has no info.

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Sure, 95% of .NET unpackmes are crap. But it's the same with Themida/Enigma/Armadildo unpackmes - if they are produced by experienced member, they are made to test specific version/feature of specific protector. If they are made by user who just joined the board, it's utter crap.



#1 - start enforcing some sort of submission template. If user doesn't explain what the crackme contains and why someone would want to solve it - we don't want it here. Trash the topic and explain to user what he did wrong.

#2 - there are few members who are encouraging such topics by posting unpacked files w/o any explanation. Delete the crap responses, explain to posters why their posts were no good.

#3 - if that doesn't help - require that members have at least 5 posts and 1 month old account before they can create topic in keygenme/unpackme section.

#4 - if that doesn't help - make the keygenme section pre-moderated. Any new topic must be approved by mod.


My 2 cents,



TL;DR - mods should take a bit of action here and start explaining both junk-creators and junk-solvers why this is not a desired behavior on the board.


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I guess it's OK to post whatever can be beneficial, but ...

I suggest that any crackme without a tutorial included shall never be posted !


Ted, how about making a rule to not post a challenge without its solution ... this is the rule we have at AT4RE and it really helped me to learn a lot since everybody stuck to this awesome rule ... it just makes the forum neat :)

(Certainly, the solution should be password protected and not revealed until the challenge period expires, e.g. one week)

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