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Invalid-PE Error


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Hello guys, I found a bug of x32_dbg.

though it is valid-pe file and can be executed on the 32-bit system, x32_dbg cannot open a file with error, INVALID_PE FILE.

Attachment file is binary, mentioned above.

It is a crackme of CODEGATE PRE-QUAL 2011.


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Works for me:



Perhaps you should clarify which OS/x64dbg version/antivirus/etc. you're using.

Oh, I'm sorry. It is my mistake -_-;

Target binary was located at directory which has invalid permission...

After move file to valid directory, x32_dbg load binary successfully. All is my fault, really sorry.

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Another thing I found out is that if this happens, you run x94_dbg with Administrators Rights, you might get it to open, but sometimes if this persists even if you open it up with Admin Rights, then it's possible that the PE file is indeed corrupted.

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