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[UnPackMe].Net UnPackMeEx v2.0 (Anti Tools)


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This is my second UnPackMe !

The last UnPackMe  was  broken by je9rry and CodeCracker !

I feel so sad , but this one is more difficult !

Have a try,please!



You need to do:

  UnPack me and normal operation !




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hello n0th!ng,


nice job !


it's unbelievable ! so fast!


can you share your steps ?


thanks a lot!

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i really didn't do anything only following the instructions of CodeCracker in your previous unpack me 

1-open target with ollydbg and set breakpoint on _CorExeMain then Dump it 

2-follow CodeCracker Instruction in this topic


3- use de4dot to deobfuscate .net reactor (use modded de4dot in this topic https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/36587-crackmenet-reactor-modded/page-2) pass this parameter "-p dr4"

4- and drop it again on de4dot to deobfuscate Dotfuscator 

5- use ILDasm and ILasm

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