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My program will not run on win8


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Hello. I created simple tray application wih options of showing a messagebox and launching one .exe in same folder as the tray app. But for some reason it shows some blue bar on windows8 saying it will not allow to open or smth like that... What may be the reason?

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It's caused by some blue something.


Sorry, but considering how detailed your error description is, that's the best I can do. 

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Thats right, was writing in rush. On win8 it says that those files may be dangerous or infected, and there is no option "run on my own risk" or something like that. It just closes the warning

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@kao, LOOOL


@Pancake, if it's the same message shown when u run an exe file downloaded from torrent website, I guess u have to read about ADS (NTFS stream) to know how to deal with it

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