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[unpackme] Hard CrackMe By Ben Mhenni


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Teddy Rogers

The [unpackme] tag has been added to your topic title.

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Teddy Rogers

Every topic you have started in this forum is missing the prefix at the beginning of the topic title. Is there a particular reason why you are having difficulty complying with the rules of this forum?


Please adhere to the rules or I will start moving them to the trashcan. Thank you...



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I see you have packed with many protectors like 9rays, Cryptoobfuscator, Themida.

Can you recompile the file in Framework 4 please because after i do some things the file does nor run due to fact that i have XP.


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and is not protected by ben .. or else

it protected ilprotector + crypto + native + not sure the fake namespace looks like rummage obfucator


src 2 class only


using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;
namespace ns0
   internal static class SelectionEditor
       private static void Main()
           Application.Run(new FileInfo());
using System;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;
namespace ns0
   public class FileInfo : Form
       private delegate void SplitPackage(FileInfo fileInfo_0, object lastCategory, System.EventArgs activeOptions);
       private new delegate void Dispose(FileInfo fileInfo_0, bool disposing);
       private delegate void SplitPackage2(FileInfo fileInfo_0);
        private IContainer lastCategory = null;
        private Button lastCategory;
        private TextBox lastCategory;
        private TextBox activeOptions;
        private PictureBox lastCategory;
       public FileInfo()
       private void SplitPackage(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
           if (!(OutlineLayout.SplitPackage(this.lastCategory.Text, "BenMhenniProtect") & OutlineLayout.SplitPackage(this.activeOptions.Text, "CodeNatif")))
               MessageBox.Show("Cracked Successful, Good Job !");
               MessageBox.Show("Failed !");
       protected override void Dispose(bool disposing)
           if (disposing && this.lastCategory != null)
       private void SplitPackage()
           ComponentResourceManager componentResourceManager = new ComponentResourceManager(System.Type.GetTypeFromHandle(PathToken.SplitPackage()));
           this.lastCategory = new Button();
           this.lastCategory = new TextBox();
           this.activeOptions = new TextBox();
           this.lastCategory = new PictureBox();
           this.lastCategory.Location = new Point(135, 48);
           this.lastCategory.Name = "button1";
           this.lastCategory.Size = new Size(133, 23);
           this.lastCategory.TabIndex = 0;
           this.lastCategory.Text = "Login";
           this.lastCategory.UseVisualStyleBackColor = true;
           this.lastCategory.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.SplitPackage);
           this.lastCategory.Location = new Point(204, 22);
           this.lastCategory.Name = "textBox1";
           this.lastCategory.Size = new Size(100, 20);
           this.lastCategory.TabIndex = 1;
           this.activeOptions.Location = new Point(98, 22);
           this.activeOptions.Name = "textBox2";
           this.activeOptions.Size = new Size(100, 20);
           this.activeOptions.TabIndex = 1;
           this.lastCategory.Image = IconSettings.SplitPackage(componentResourceManager.GetObject("pictureBox1.Image"));
           this.lastCategory.Location = new Point(32, 77);
           this.lastCategory.Name = "pictureBox1";
           this.lastCategory.Size = new Size(374, 66);
           this.lastCategory.TabIndex = 2;
           this.lastCategory.TabStop = false;
           base.AutoScaleDimensions = new SizeF(6f, 13f);
           base.AutoScaleMode = AutoScaleMode.Font;
           base.ClientSize = new Size(440, 159);
           base.Name = "Form1";
           this.Text = "CrackMe/UnpackMe Challenge By Ben Mhenni !";
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