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Code one asm thing in cpp


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Hello. I recently started reading about anti debug, found great reference with tons of great ideas, but i cant get one to work.




The one i want to try is "Instruction counting", page 30. Most of them work simply by copying asm code int __declspec(naked) but this oen is different, and i couldnt get it to work this way, and i dont have experience in using structured exceptin handlers.

Could someone try to rewrite this small piece of code? Please? :)


Thanks in advance

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Another similar example by Waleed Assar can be used as base to code your snippet.


//In OllyDbg, upon receiving an EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT, it checks code in ExceptionAddress to ensure it is
//0xCC or similar. If it is not, the behavior depends on the OllyDbg version.
//In versions prior to 2.01, the exception is swallowed and the exception handler is not called.
//In version 2.01 (alpha 4), several error messages pop up and process terminates.
// Only version 2.01 (beta 2) handles it properly.
//The following is code that exploits this bug to detect the presence of OllyDbg.
#include "stdafx.h"
#include "windows.h"
#include "stdio.h" int __cdecl Hhandler(EXCEPTION_RECORD* pRec,void*,unsigned char* pContext,void*)
(*(unsigned long*)(pContext+0xB8))++;
return ExceptionContinueSearch;
void main()
push offset Hhandler
push dword ptr fs:[0x0]
mov dword ptr fs:[0x0],esp
pop dword ptr fs:[0x0]
pop eax
MessageBox(0,"OllyDbg Detected","waliedassar",0);
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