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Hello. I purchased oreans code virtualzier recently to protect my code, but i'd like to know if its easy to unvirtualize it? I'm using deathway plugin for themida and its working wonders. So, is it that easy to obtain real code from virtualizer's obfuscated area, or its different?

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CISC and RISC machines can be devirtualized in 95% of situations, FISH machines aren't supported (TMD/WL counterparts are)


TIGER and the new ones aren't supported by the plugin, at least for now ;)

Re-Virtualize option isn't supported neither




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It is my application and i am doin my best to protect some code, do you have any tips to make obfuscation harder to deobfuscate? I want to avoid situation when someone clicks button and whole code is revealed just like in themida targets :(

By the way, could u say something about how your plugin works? How he finds the real code? Thats really good

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