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Hadits follower
private void SPrh(object sender, EventArgs e)


   if (Operators.CompareString(this.GVDM.Text, "tuts4you.com", false) == 0)


       Interaction.MsgBox("Successes !", MsgBoxStyle.Information, null);




       Interaction.MsgBox("Error !", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, null);




anti copied confuser :D

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Public Sub SPrh(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

If (Operators.CompareString(Me.GVDM.Text, "tuts4you.com", DirectCast(MFtr.wETJ(), Boolean)) = MFtr.LuIi()) Then

Interaction.MsgBox("Successes !", DirectCast(MFtr.Njjv(), MsgBoxStyle), Nothing)

Goto Label_0048:


Interaction.MsgBox("Error !", DirectCast(MFtr.dfUd(), MsgBoxStyle), Nothing)


End If

End Sub

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Unpacked file!

you can fix string using SAE,and for resources you can dump it and extract resources from dll and place them in the original file 

and you need to nop the ".cctor" in "<Module>"


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