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Is .net protection worthless and is safengine the strongest for c++?


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I have been interested in developing software for a while now and looked through this forum.


Even though I am noob at reverse engineering i noticed that all .net protectors can be defeated by de4dot and/or Megadumper (dumping the program from memory)


Also i noticed a lack of securengine scripts/tutorials and lots of people asking for help/struggle with unpacking it.




My questions


1) is .net protection useless and can any noob like me unpack it? Is there any .net packer that isnt defeated by de4dot/megadump?


2) for other program languages.. is SecurEngine the strongest/hardest to unpack?



Thank you.

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Any protection is worthless until unless you are not implementing it correctly. When I say protection it means by any kind of protection, by using any external protector and any inbuilt mechanism, all they can do is only one thing, and that is a more harder puzzle for reverse engineers, and hence it will take more time to crack. No protection can give you 100% security.

Regarding .NET applications, yes they are comparatively ease to reverse than native applications(C,ASM,Delphi and so on...), you can implement some hard tricks inside, and they can give you good protection. Also with some modifications you can make unpacking/deobfuscation a bit harder.

SecurEngine, well if this is what you are asking for-> http://www.freewareseek.com/utils/1508/then I can't say anything, because I have never tried it. But if you mean by Themida/WinLicense, then yes, they are those unpackers which are not made for any noob unpacker, but still then can be defeated too.

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They are all weak.


No script/no tut means nothing. Theres freelance sites w/top rated reversers who breaks these "strong/hard" protectors all day for reasonable prices, but privately.


Encrypt nething important and distro decrypt keys w/ur program, or keep nething important behind a server/usb stick and hope for the best. If some 15 year old cracker patches ur code and puts u out of business, u never would have made it in the long term neways. Sorry, but harsh fact of this sh!t business! Normally I wouldn't reccomend ignorance, but ignore pirates and focus on creation because creativity will earn u 10x more than any protector will ever save u. 

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Doesnt worth it. They will break it sooner or later. The ones who are willing to use it for free, will either use it pirated or if not available wont use your software at all .Adding crap load of protection wont make them to buy your software. 

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