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[Help] BoxedApp Packer ?


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I used " MegaDump " in a program and it has created several dll called " BoxedAppSDK_AppDomainManager.dll "Do what ? a packer ?
There is this tool? she's like an eclipse ? a packer ?And is to reverse what he does ?Which program is more correct to give you unpacker ?Note: This is not asking for a crack , I'm just asking these questions only by wisdom, lately I 'm kind of focused on reverse engineering

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Searching.... Ops!



So far found nothing on BoxedApp , I know that everyone has a dilemma that you do not like to give things on hand just give the hint where to start.More help on some things sometimes helps , I'm not trying to offend anyone not , the more time that you spent to write this could have copied the link for some tutorial or program and have posted here , more if that's what they want , I will look alone ... I was just wanting to help.


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