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[CrackMe] CrackMe-#1 - new technology


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this is my first CrackMe, but I think is very hard because I haven't seen this method yet.

Sorry for 2mb file, but linking is very much size.


There is a function which returns true/false for Login, patch it to true and you did it.


Might be super easy or super hard, idk!


Good luck


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@GIV: Because it requires WinVista+? :) See PE header:

00000140: OS version major                     0006/6
00000142: OS version minor                     0000/0
00000144: Image version major                  0000/0
00000146: Image version minor                  0000/0
00000148: Subsystem version major              0006/6
0000014A: Subsystem version minor              0000/0

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Very very easy to crack / patch. Uses Javascript internally to handle the checks and such.

Search for the following text in the file, in a hex editor:

Change false to true. Done. :)

;} ;function tryLogin(){return false;} ;for(;{} ;},
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