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some feature suggest and request.

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Dragon Palace

1. didn't you see, when we click on next asm code of jump xxxxxx, the red arrow jump line will automaticlly showed on OllyDBG, but none in x32dbg.




00401000 jnz 004010004

00401001 xxxxxxxxxx

00401002 xxxxxxxxxx

00401003 jmp 00401005

00401004 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  <----------- If you click here, the red jump line will automatic showed in OllyDBG jump from 00401000, but none in x32dbg, will this implement?

00401005 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


2. didn't you see, when we search something, will result many, at current, we need set each breakpoint by press F2 many times one by one,  so if I find thousand times of mov al, 1, should I need press F2 shousand times to set breakpoint on it? do you even think make a option or sub-menu called set all breakpoint or set bulk breakpoint on all of them? so in OllyDBG is have this feature on set all breakpoint on them or cancel breakpoint on them.


eg find result:


00401000 mov [EAX + 12], 1

00402000 sub 2, [EAX + 12]

00403000 mov EBX, [EAX + 12]

00404000 imul EAX, [EAX + 12]


3. at currently, we set API any breakpoint through command line box, that is inconvenience for user and me, did you even think make a API breakpoint Plugin or API Breakpoint menu option? in OllyDBG there is many such plugins, that is good, but none available yet in x32dbg.




bp MessageBoxA/W

bp ExitProcess


4. at currentlly, we set each windows eg: infobox window, stack window, hex window width & lenth, but exit debugger process, next time relauched, it can't saved into config.ini file, so need reset again, didn't you even think let it can be saved, so next time relauched I don't need set it again and again, I really hate it.


5. still against, when unicode string searching will be supportted? maybe there is some source code open Plugins on OllyDBG, If I can find for you. thanks.


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I thought about everything you mention here, this debugger is open source, so feel free to learn c++ and update it yourself. I update whatever I want whenever I want.

1. x64_dbg has no analysis support, so there is no way to do this right now.

2. https://bitbucket.org/mrexodia/x64_dbg/issue/160/breakpoint-all-in-symbol-reference-view

3. There is a menu API for you to create a plugin for this. x64_dbg is a debugger not aimed at anything specific, so I would have to include every possible API. It would also be possible to make a custom list with APIs the user wants to breakpoint very often.

4. Congratulations for hating it, stop hating, start fixing.

5. Unicode searching is not something that can be done easily, basically everything is a UTF-16 unicode string, as of now I have no plans to support this. You can easily port such a plugin from olly to x64_dbg.

Again, I do this for fun, not for your pleasure. Buy an IDA license if you want support, otherwise start sending pull requests.

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