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Fixed Scylla 0.9.7b


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    It's Wooden PLaz

    How You Get IT !

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im dont got it im the one who make the temporal solution

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It does not crash but it does not find any IAT though with this fix.

So in kinda 50% solved.

For example with this unpackme:

OEP is:


005B0268                      55              PUSH EBP                                 ; UnpackMe.00401050


You need to solve the Resources API redirection and try to search the IAT.

With original Scylla it crashes, with this it does not crash but it does not find any IAt or size.

So you must input manual IAT start and size.

The same was with non fixed file.

If you input by hand the two values the Scylla does not crash. Was crashing when you use IAT Autosearch.




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Thank you giv for your valuable bug reports.


The problem is some kind of anti-debug stuff. Big section with no access.

hm what about querying section for privileges? or add option for Scylla to ignore?

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