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[DevirtualizeMe] CodeVirtualizer DEMO

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I made some UnpackMe styled executables protected by the latest demo version of CodeVirtualizer (


Each executable contains one function virtualized by a different virtual machine setting. The different virtual machines used are:


- FISH32 Black

- TIGER32 Black

- PUMA32 Black

- SHARK32 Black


The virtualized functions are very short, approximately 20 asm instructions. No other protections are used.


The virtualized function will execute when F1 is pressed.


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It was a great opportunity to test my tools.

But it was better if you made the  functions more unique (Since the difference between them were only few numbers, it was possible to copy the code from one to another and manually fix those numbers, which may be easier than decompiling them)

I haven't just that method, I decompiled all of them, but just a note for next time :)



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Everything seems to match. Good job!


Uniqueness would of course be implemented in case this would be a real application or in case this would be a challenge.


However, I created these files for the purpose of comparing the different new VM options for a code block as identical as possible. Thus, the only variation is in the immediate values.


I figured that posting these files would be pointless as the last thread pretty much went unnoticed, but this was more than a pleasant surprise. :thumbs:

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