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malware unpacking


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hi guys


does anyone is a malware unpacker to reply me?


as you know Malware unpacking != legal commercial software unpacking.


so does anyone have experience of malware unpacking that introduce me tutorial about this?



Do the unpackme exercises in this site suitable for increase of malware unpacking skill or not?



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Me no speak you English.


There is no difference between unpacking malware and unpacking commercial software. Same basic principles apply, same methods and tools. In fact, malware unpacking is usually easier, because kids love to use all sorts of "FUD crypters" which can be unpacked really easy. There are only few malware samples that are really difficult to unpack, it's quite unlikely that you'll encounter them.


Just a friendly reminder - you really should use a virtual machine (like VMWare) when playing with malware. :)

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yes yes i know that. thanks for your attention.



I was worried I'm wasting my time when i do unpackmes.


So I realized that " Practice on unpackmes is not a farce " Do I understand correctly?


and you dont said that  Do you have any experience in malware analyzing?

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@rever_ser: The protection algorithms used in commerical applications are generally more advanced than malwares. As mentioned by kao above, usually unpacking malwares is much easier as compared to custom challenges available online. Some malwares use custom packers with multi stages of unpacking which are easy to unpack as well.

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