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Any api hook library ?


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Do you know any hook api library with its open source code ?


I have tried mhook library,not quiet good with named 'RtlAllocateHeap' api.


So I am wandering if you guys may know some better library that I can use it to hook that api.

Currently I am re-coding a plugin,you may see it within Christmas :)



Thanks in advance.

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Hi, atom0s



Detours library use RtlAllocateheap api to allocate memory for a temp bridge to get orignal command for its hook routine. So it may cause stack overflow.


ihook use malloc api to allocate,so it is the same situation as RtlAllocateheap do.


Hope that minhook and ncodehook will be different.   :)

Thanks for your reply.

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em,currently I use VirtualAlloc to allocate a larger enough memory,write some self code for a temp use. not quiet perfect but good .




'0xE9 jmp' is not well for those special target,re-redirection command.I use '0x68' and '0xC3' for a temp hook.

Thanks for your pieces of code, got some better overview.

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em, FF25 is very nice for my case,



yes, re-redirection is annoying part of its anti dump. For its second  redirection command,it use memcpy api to copy the opcode.

So if I use jmp code, it may point to somewhere unknown.That's the most bad thing of it.

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In most cases anti-cheats / anti-tampers and such will check at least the first 5-6 bytes of an API to determine if its been altered. Since most API start with the same stub of:

mov EDI, EDI,

push EBP

mov EBP, ESP


That being said, sometimes you will need to do a mid-function hook instead to bypass the checks. Unless of course they take snapshots of the full API and its branches and do comparisons that way.

It depends on how thorough the detections are.

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this situation happens after its all check thread started.

My point is hook that api before all that thread.So that will not happen in my case.

The code will restore all hooked api when some special routine done.

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@atom0s The free version has many limitations, Even the 32-bit version is limited.


Detours Express 3.0 is available for immediate download under a no-fee, click-through license for research, non-commercial, and non-production use.  Detours Express is limited to 32-bit processes on x86 processors.


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1 minute ago, Perplex said:

@atom0s The free version has many limitations, Even the 32-bit version is limited.


For me, it fits my needs. I don't really do much with 64bit targets so it is not a concern of mine.

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Usually I use hardware breakpoints in my injected libraries. Memory breakpoints also work but I never implemented it. Obviously this doesn't work if your target screws with hardware breakpoints. You can also place an int3 byte and do things that way.


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