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Winlicense or Safengine


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I am aware that any packer can be cracked...anyhow..


Good people, what would be the toughest challenge for you:

C++ application (x86) well protected with Winlicense or with Safengine?


What about protecting the application with Winlicense and XBundle it with a dll which is protected with Safengine.

Is that makes the cracking job more difficult?


Thanks for any reply or advice  


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of course all makes it more difficult to unpack any protection/s layer/s if you choose the right protecting options or if you make any custom builds.WinLicense & Safengine are unpackable also if you use SE protected Xbundler files (Info: Split your app function into tons of dlls then protect these and add them to Xbundler.Lets say you have 100 files then it would be really a pain in the ass to unpack them all.Of course each dll has also to include checks for themself + your main executable :)  just only a idea) but it would be better for your app = more work for the unpacker later.If you want to protect your software then just think about it what your goal is.Do you wanna create a hardcore protected app (using more protection features or double-protections etc) then your app performance will be more worse (if you use SE for exsample).Also problems can be happen by the protected code if something goes wrong and your soft can't handle some unforeseen exceptions etc.So I think the best would be to use any very good & smart key encoding (optinal with keyfile + Online checks) and then you can renounce to use any common protection XY and your software keeps clean.


So for what ever you do decide its mostly just a question of time when your app get unpacked / cracked etc.Or maybe you create any really worse software who nobody wants to use later then you don't need to care about the protection problem anymore. (little joke) ;)



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Thanks for your helpful reply.


It is being a long time we protect our software with WinLicense - and sticking with the concept of waste more time by providing new features for our paying customers than protecting our software.

Unfortunately, it is the time we cannot ignore those unpacked versions anymore...


LCF-AT, you suggested to use "online checks" - what do you mean? like using a web server to check the running software licensing? 


Thanks. Bondo

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Hi bondo,


of course its a problem if your soft get unpacked / cracked after you did protected & released your new version.Also TM WL is no more hard to handle for some people who can handle this protection or using unpack tool / script etc.I also don't your soft and the protection features you did used in the past etc.


I think a good & smart & also together connected combination of different checks would be a good choice instead just to trust only any protector xy.So your main goal should be to think about it what you can do and how you can combine them into a smart way you know but this can also take time to find a right balance and before you release something new you should use forums as this one and create any small test files / unpackmes / crackmes etc to let check them to get feedback about it + results.If long time nothing happens then its mostly a good sign that people have problems to handle it (good for you).


But as I said before its mostly a question of time when anybody can crack your soft and a other question is whether this person who cracked it also released the crack or all information how to crack it etc.If you protect it well then you can stalling for time X and in this time you can also try to expand & upgrade your own protection ways (change your source code on each new version would be also good so some cracking people only check for static opcode pattern to find the right patch places into new version if they also cracked pre versions).



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you might wanna search a protector+ dongle solution!! if you implement it right it will be unbreakable!


google up

VMProtect SenseLock Edition

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Thanks for your replies.

Actually, I tried to contact Safengine support few times (email,online chat), but I couldn't get any response.

The whole thing looks suspicious (?)

Anybody was able to contact them, or buy and use SE product?

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