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twofish Asm source code.


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This target is allready  reversed



I have never worked with Twofish but I have compared the results with




and it is equal to my example

invoke     lstrcpy,addr buff,chr$ ("Masm32")
invoke    TwofishInit,chr$ ("YKC0YX9XTHTLAA7V"),16
invoke     TwofishEncrypt,addr buff, addr buff

But u must find out by your Target use it En\De -crypt??

And use it plain text or hex.



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thank you ragdog. I was trying to make a keygen which take the name, key = "YKC0YX9XTHTLAA7V" and twofish it and the final result in hex.

take the name, twofish using key = "YKC0YX9XTHTLAA7V" and print as hex value.

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