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Hello everyone. So in nowdays i am interested in protecting .NET executables and i would like to try to make my own obfuscator or tools for exploring them. For first steps, i downloaded Confuser & ConfuserEx sources for exploring them and trying to understand how every protection works for making my own then. It's hard to understand some things like antidump(Their code) opposite adding IL instructions or working with metadata. Sometimes i find some things like digital values and i cant understand where did author took them(Maybe in special tools). So the first question is what tool kit do you advise me for exploring .NET assemblies(I know about reflector or SAE or dnEditor or codecracker tools, maybe another tools are exist?) and writting then my own obfuscator. And the second is what usefull topics you suggest me to read about .NET assemblies construction?


I am sorry for my bad english or stupid questions. Basicly i am just starting.

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.NET is open source and there is Open-Source Mono, so your question seems a little bit stupid. The tools you listed will not help you and it is funny that you listed these "cracker" tools.





The only tool you need is http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/f7dy01k1(v=vs.110).aspx

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