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Code obFU(N)scation Mixing 32 and 64 bit Mode Instructions...

Teddy Rogers

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Code obFU(N)scation Mixing 32 and 64 bit Mode Instructions
This article is about a funny way to obfuscate code that takes advantage of the Windows 64bit capability to manage and run 32bit processes. As we will see, it's a very effective technique that can really be time consuming and annoying.
Windows 64bit natively runs 64bit processes and kernel drivers, but, of course, because of retro-compatibility, it offers the possibility to run old 32bit executables through the WoW64 subsystem. On Intel x86-64 architecture this is implemented via hardware features offered by the CPU that allow 32bit mode code to switch to 64bit mode and viceversa.
The trick relies in these 32bit/64bit switches: you can craft an executable that contains both 32bit and 64bit code, and you can make the code jump from one to the other at any time. Unfortunately, almost all debuggers seem to be ineffective in dealing with these jumps (only remote kernel debugging using Windbg can step through the code). 

Also the disassemblers don't handle the situation very well, as they are designed to handle only one architecture at a time.

Long story short: a real mess and a nightmare for analysis!


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