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[keygenme] KeygenME R4


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Hello all,

here is a keygenMe written by a colleague.


KeygenME .rar


valid solution

a working keygen. (it would be appreciated if you share your keygen's source)

a tutorial would be an added bonus.





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A very easy one, thanks XorRanger :prop: Here are some keys:


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this proves beyond reasonable and unreasonable doubts that  Master ChOoKi is a god.   :king: 
this keygenme is one of the toughest challenges i have ever faced and Master ChOoKi calls it simple.
what could definitely be hard for you?
i am humbled by your expertise and hope to feed from the crumbs of thy knowledge.
now i humbly ask if thou could make a keygen, share the source and possibly a tutorial so that newbies like me could possibly learn from it.  :pray:
i want to say a big thanks to you "Master ChOoKi" for solving this challenge, you are indeed a god.

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as always, a well documented and concise tutorial from none other than his royal Highness ChOoki.

thanks a lot and keep being the best you are. thumbs up.

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