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Process terminates on attach


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Hello,I have stumbled on application I would like to debug. Since it's 64-bit app the OllyDbg is already out of the picture, so I thought I could use x64_dbg. When I try to attach to that process it starts loading all modules and then I get "Terminated: debugging stopped". I tried to play around with ScyllaHide to the point I enabled all options -> didn't help at all. Tried TitanHide -> nope. I also tried to suspend the process first, but it still terminates on attach.It also shows weird behavior when using Cheat Engine's debugger -> when I set breakpoint the application crashes with single-step or maybe breakpoint exception ( don't remember, but I can eventually check again ). So that would seem like the app always tries to handle breakpoints on it's own (Cheat Engine didn't even fire up).What's wrong? What can I do?Thank you for your help.

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Seems like WinDbg closes the process too. As I have no idea how to work with WinDbg I can't really  pull much information out of it.

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Thanks for the tip. Checked memory of DbgUiRemoteBreakin and it indeed seems to be modified. I kinda thought all this stuff is fixed by ScyllaHide etc :D. Anyways I tried to restore the bytes but seems like the app writes the hook like every 0.2s or something. Tried the Cheat Engine's "Find out what writes to this address" and it caused single step exception again. Well I'm gonna sleep on it and see if I can do something about this tricky process tomorrow.

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Well there wasn't any other protection on the target I have noticed after the anti-attach. I haven't spent much time on it yet, so I can't tell, but general debugging seems to be working fine. Debugging also seems to be working even without ScyllaHide -> which introduced some bugs (like cannot pause process) so I disabled it. Target is a game and it's quite large so I doubt you would like to buy/download it just to see the protection. There is a loop like:do
VirtualProtect(some functions)
VirtualProtect(some functions, oldProt)
while(some_expression)I just inject my dll, that changes the loop to
and then restores the bytes of NTDLL functions and then I attach.

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