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I cant post a any topic


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New members are not able to create new topics in that section because people used (and still use) to register just to post crack requests (which goes against rule #12).

Can't remember how many posts you must have to create a new topic there though, might be 1 as well as 10.


When you create a new topic there think twice about what you're about to post, then think again. Don't ask for cracks/unpacks. Don't try to trick other members into cracking/unpacking commercial software. Don't say "I have this commercial target but don't worry, I want to do it myself! Now spoonfeed me, pl0x", people here have heard this too many times.

And those were the "Don't"s.


But please:

DO post your own crackme/unpackme;

DO post a REAL crackme/keygenme/whateverme you have found and enjoyed solving, so that other people can try their hands on it and have some fun;

and above all DO post anything that can bring up an interesting discussion and valuable learning material!



EDIT: it has taken me 20 minutes to write this, but you weren't worth the effort. Oh well.

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I think honestly that new users should first send an email to TED requesting previledges to post on "crackmes/keygenmes/unpackmes" stating the reason for why they want these previledges and what they plann to post there. Or actually increase to number of posts required -

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