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x86obf KeyGenMe #1


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x86obf will feature regular KeyGenMe contests with prize money for the first person/team to solve the task before the deadline.The first x86obf KeyGenMe contest has been released (prize is $100). The binary, rules and other information is in a .zip archive - download link is on the left side of this page.
More info here: http://x86obf.com/contest.php

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Extreme Coders

So essentially this went unsolved as the time has already ended. I doubt reversers will take any real interest in reversing multiple obfuscated VM's unless the author quintuples the prize amount. ;)

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I think he has no interest in any keygen solution, because this is a product marketing campaign. If the keygenme is solved, he will not earn much money with his expensive product. This protector is pretty expensive compared to other solutions.


Probably every instruction of the keygen algorithm is VMed, so that it is only solvable if you have a VM decoder/debugger.


Keygenme was released on 11. October... deadline is 26. October. Pretty tough if you need to code a VM decoder.

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