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Proxy(made in java) for Mobile Game(help needed)


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One of my friend has created a proxy for a mobile game in java


The proxy contains the decryption module in it for the mobile game traffic


The traffic is sent via socket connection,


Now the java proxy is loaded on the windows machine and the game is loaded on the android device.


The hosts file in the android device is routed to the windows machine WIFI IP address.


(Android Device and Windows Machine are on the same WIFI network).


The Java proxy starts its working as the mobile game is loaded.


It intercepts the traffic then decrypts it and saves it in a text log file.


Now I want to this proxy to actually forward the data to fiddler where I can modify the decrypted captured traffic.


Please provide some details on this.,


Ask me any more info required,

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Fiddler is designed to capture HTTP traffic, it is not really designed to capture traffic outside of that. Are you sure the mobile application is making web requests and such?

If not you may need to use something like Wireshark instead.

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I guess than fiddler wont work , it is not http/s queries.


Its a socket connection.


Wireshark is only capturing the encrypted data. and will it allow to modify traffic if able to capture decrypted traffic?


The encryption is custom coded inside the mobile app

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If you absolutely need to get down to editing the data, just make your own proxy for it on your system for it to connect to.  As for using Wireshark to edit them, you can do so with several different plugins that are written for Wireshark.

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