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Trashcan not visible


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Hello Teddy, i was just wondering when a post or topic is deleted/trashed by you, it will be moved to the trashcan right?

Well, my post is not trashed, but for other users, they can't see why it is trashed because i am not allowed to watch the trashcan.

"No topics were found. This is either because there are no topics in this forum, or the topics are older than the current age cut-off."


Is this because a certain reason or what?


Thanks for the nice board btw :D

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The Trashcan is working as intended. The only people that need to view topics in the Trashcan are the topic owners (or post owner - if a post is trashed from a topic), they will not be able to view other topics in the Trashcan.


There are multiple reasons for doing this, some of which are; spam topics do not get crawled and indexed by search engines, replies/punishment by moderators and administrators remain private with the topic owner and any sensitive or argumentative topics remain hidden and private...



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Something I noticed: When I posted a reply in a topic and it gets deleted afterwards I cannot see the content either, which means it will stay 'unread' in the 'My Content' page. Nothing to worry about really, but just something I noticed.

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