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Hi everyone, i've got a little problem with one of my employee who is surfing the internet and playing game on job hours. I would like to be able to monitor his computer screen while im not in the room. I have tested some popular ones but it seems like there is always a warning pop up saying another computer is remotely connected. 


Is there any software i could use without the warning message?

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Extreme Coders

Let the employees know that their activities are being monitored. That would refrain most of them from taking easy on work hours.


Stealth monitoring software do exists like Spytech , Spyagent (not tested though) which should serve as a further proof in case if they continue to abuse work hours.


You may also ask the question in stackexchange workplace

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Teddy Rogers

If it's not a browser based game they are playing you could try setting AppLocker rules. You will however need an Enterprise version of Windows to do this. Alternatively if it is a browser based game monitor their internet usage...



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