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get 3'th byte of eax?


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hello tuts4you, i tried to solve a keygenme and faced a problem.


the return value of a function is in example: eax == 00001234.

now i want the 3'th byte of it, which is 12.


so does anybody know a way to do this?


have a nice day!

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void Main()
int IntToParse = 4660; 0x00001234 = EAX = 32 bit integer // adjust this according to which bits you want. remember byte ordering
int ParsePlace = 1; // bit shift, multiply, and
int Parsed = ((IntToParse >> (8*ParsePlace)) & 0xFF); printf("Parsed = %i\n");
----- Output - Parsed = 18 (12h)

x86 asm

IntToParse = 0x1234 ; mov eax, IntToParse ; int IntToParse = 0x1234 sar eax, 8 ; IntToParse >> 8 and eax, FF ; Result & FF. sometimes this step isnt necessary eax == 12
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x86 asm
IntToParse = 0x1234 ;mov eax, IntToParse ;  int IntToParse = 0x1234sar eax, 8 ; IntToParse >> 8and eax, FF ; Result & FF. sometimes this step isnt necessaryeax == 12 



easiest method for this problem (if we can call it problem !) is :




Best Regards,


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i understand u (even though in this case a simple "sar eax, 8" works exactly same as "mov eax, ah") but way i showed is standard way to do this in high level language.

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