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Help learning programming a web bot


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An auto posting spam bot you mean?


No one like these, they are a pain for all users of forums and the internet


I hope you do not get any help with creating another one of these and you do something productive with programming instead

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I couldn't care less what it's for. I answered your question though, but you are too uneducated/lazy to try for yourself. This is easy beginner stuff.


You should try to pay a coder. However, it's likely that no coder will want to deal with you because of your indirect requirements, low budget and general illusion of knowledge. Good luck.

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You can use iMacro .that is a great one that automate web actions . It support external librarys for extention .

PS: Donot use your web bot for Tuts4 :)

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For 100$ per hour I'm all yours :P

This is what you should expect, considering the kind of software you want. If you are coding it for fun, just lookup some python tutorials, it should be able to do what you want. But it's hard to deal with capcha crap.


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