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Delphi Glyphs


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Does anybody have the standard Delphi Glyphs on their computer that they could upload for me?


They are normally saved in c:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\Images\GlyFX or C:\Program Files\Common Files\CodeGear Shared\Images\GlyFX


For some reason the GlyFX folder is not included in the 2 different Delphi versions I have


Thanks in advance for anyone that can help :)

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Is anyone actually installing them by-default? :)


Here you go, from Delphi7 installation: [REMOVED]

EDIT: GlyFX folder from Delphi 8 installation: [REMOVED] Files from later Delphi versions are encrypted in 7z-like archives and I really don't feel like installing any one of those today..

EDIT2: removed links.

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Many thanks Kao, the v8 GlyFX folder was just what I was looking for, it's much appreciated


I have v7 and XE6 and they don't install and I really didn't feel like downloading and installing a few gb just for the glyphs


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