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[C++, WinAPI] Enigma HWID patcher with hardware breakpoints


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Hey guys,


This is a small project I did for a friend some time ago, basically it's a DLL you inject into an engima process (by loader, or by inline) and it will put a hardware breakpoint somewhere and write a new HWID.


Attached the full source code, you have to manually find the HWID patch offset, but for someone who works with Enigma often this should be no problem...


Little hint:

0044F168  ^\75 A7           JNZ SHORT test1.0044F1110044F16A    85F6            TEST ESI,ESI0044F16C  /-7E 25           JLE SHORT test1.0044F193            ; This is the patch place.0044F16E  | 8D45 EC         LEA EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-0x14]0044F171  | 66:83E3 0F      AND BX,0xF0044F175  | 0FB7D3          MOVZX EDX,BX0044F178  | B9 04F24400     MOV ECX,test1.0044F204              ; ASCII "ABCDEF1234567890- \t\r\n"0044F17D  | 8A1411          MOV DL,BYTE PTR DS:[ECX+EDX]0044F180  | E8 0F25FCFF     CALL test1.004116940044F185  | 8B55 EC         MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-0x14]0044F188  | 8B0F            MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[EDI]0044F18A  | 8BC7            MOV EAX,EDI0044F18C  | E8 3726FCFF     CALL test1.004117C80044F191  | EB 23           JMP SHORT test1.0044F1B60044F193  \-8B07            MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EDI]0044F195    E8 E225FCFF     CALL test1.0041177C0044F19A    85C0            TEST EAX,EAX

As a bonus there is two extra functions: dputs and dprintf, just puts and printf, but they will output debug strings (so you can use DbgView to get logging information).




Mr. eXoDia


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