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Some little fix


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1. if I click cancel in patches windows then see error "failed to save ..."

rS7rePCs.png yQ8cpREs.png


2. if I want select lines in stack windows it possible only in the second column



3. u can add option to disable register comment anywere? like olldbg - only current EIP



4. can add option to save colums size on main window?


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The first option has been implemented in the current dev version.


About the second option: it's like that by design, but I don't like it either... I will look into this.


3. Yep, that's on the todo list.


4. It should be possible, but I actually have no clue how.



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@mARROm: Personally I don't really like writing to the registry... All the settings are currently stored in the INI file, but maybe I should separate the stuff like window and column sizes from the actual settings, so you can easily share it with your friends and keep your own sizes.

A small update: I just started working on this setting to only display comments on the CIP line, it will be finished soon.


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@Hellsp@wn: All your suggestions/bugs have been implemented/fixed. The only thing that I did not yet implement is the column size setting...


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Dragon Palace

1. how about add horzontal and vertical scroll bar in each windows, ie: assembler window, register window


2. how about add CTRL + F to find special string in searched list strings?


3. How about infobox? implement it yet? If I want to serial fishing when use it to show serial numbers when I infinity F7, F8,

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1. Working on that. I still don't understand Qt good enough for this.

2. How about the search bar?

3. Currently there is a basic infobox implemented. String recognition is easy to do, since I have an API for that, just a few lines of code.


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Dragon Palace

search bar is good, but just like exported strings into a list.


if I want to search particular string, I can't find it by "ctrl + F"


if can find it by "Ctrl + F", but I can't find next string in the search bar by F3.

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@DragonLoft: You can copy the complete string table and paste that in a .txt if you need. Searching will automatically hide other matches, so the next hit is just the next entry in the table :)

Ctrl+F is old, this allows for more dynamic searching... Just like pattern finding using ctr+e lists all results (up to 5000 because of wildcards), in this way you dont have to navigate through the code with f3 and similar buttons.


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Dragon Palace

did you ever use OllyDBG string search plugin?


if you did, you will know what do I want, when I search string resultted, then I can press Ctrl + F to navigate when is found string that is I want string? ie: unsuccess regisration, then press Ctrl + N to next string or Ctrl + L last string, then can double click on string to follow it in disasemble window. get it???

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@DragonLoft: Obviously I used OllyDbg before, but I personally hate to search string like that. When you type in "Unsuccessful registration" in the search bar in x64_dbg it will show all the strings that contain this phrase (I can also add support for regular expressions in 2 seconds if you really want).

Screenshot 1 (searching for "_gui_"):


Screenshot 2 (searching for "Heap" in Symbol View):


In short: what you want is not gonna happen. I will certainly introduce highlighting of your search term in the table, this allows you to more quickly see what's going on and eventually it will also remember your selection when you remove the search string so you can see the context, but for now it stays like it is now.

Oh, and it's a free world. x64_dbg provides all the means to create your own string searcher and (in my opinion) an outdated ctrl+f dialog. Soon it will even provide a full API to add your own context menu everywhere + register hotkeys + create generic table dialogs.


Mr. eXoDia

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