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[Suggestion]IDA ScyllaHide

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Ive been testing this great tools about a week.And it does the jobb done.


Ive would like to throw in some suggestions.

I would like the option to to make a dump just like the Scullahide for the X64 debugger version.

Would come in handy when dealing with Enigma protection.

I looked at the Scylla source but i only found the one off dumping memory sections.


Also suggestion to turn Scylla on/off maybe me just picky :)

I know pretty much everything about ida , so if you need some help.just ask :marinheiro:




Regards Zadow aka StormShadow

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I don't understand your suggestion.


Do you want a dump feature in the ScyllaHide plugin? I don't think this is necessary, because there are plenty external tools.


Scylla Hide on/off feature? Just create an empty profile.

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