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first, this is time waste! 


modified version of classic tetris for game re simulation all credit to original authors


goal is to arrive to 'final level' by cheating, any solution valid. tell me how many min or second it takes u!


no protections.


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This goal can be achieved in such a way

0. unupx
1. find an address of "lines destroyed" using armoney and set a bpwrite there
2. after the destruction of the next line, we will get somewhere, there is a suspicious code above

CMP DWORD PTR [ECX],0  ;if there is a cube?JE 00401393INC EAXADD ECX,4CMP EAX,0A       ;10 cubes in lineJL SHORT 004012E6

checking whether to destroy the line
then put the cubes onto the whole line instead xDD


MOV DWORD PTR [ECX],7NOPNOPNOPJE 00401393INC EAXADD ECX,4CMP EAX,0A       ;10 cubes in lineJL SHORT 004012E6

3. do the same with the "level"

MOV ESI,19     ;every 25 dropped blocksIDIV ESITEST EDX,EDXJNZ SHORT 004021B4ADD [EBX+88],ECX  ;increase the level


MOV ESI,19     ;every 25 dropped blocksIDIV ESITEST EDX,EDXnopnopADD [EBX+88],ECX  ;increase the level

4. Now press the space button to get 99 level xD




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u r close - but incorrect - lvl 99 not final level - plz try again


gameplay must remain same, no crashes, etc.


no protection. 1/10 difficulty - crack it and i increase difficulty for u ; )



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ill hint u


to arrive to final stage w/njkermk binary, run it, hold spacebar down for ~ 3 hours (depend on machine).


after u build up enough to break tetris world record, u enter final stage (njkermk crack still missing important parts though)


loader is the best solution for interactivity w/game (like any other cheater/trainer/etc)

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It was hard to understand what is the final level. but I got it! :lol:



STARTUPINFO lpStartupInfo = {0};
PROCESS_INFORMATION lpProcessInformation;
char patch[1] = {0xBE}; if (!CreateProcessA("Tetx86.exe", 0, 0, 0, 0, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS , 0, 0, &lpStartupInfo, &lpProcessInformation))
  MessageBoxA(0, "Tetx86.exe not found", "error", 0);
} while( !FindWindow("Qt5QWindowIcon", "Tetx86") )
{;} WriteProcessMemory(lpProcessInformation.hProcess, 0x402078, patch, 1, 0);


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