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Adding "Byte" and "IL & Byte" as language in Refle


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Can anyone help me to add "Byte" and "IL & Byte" as language in Reflector as CodeCracker did in Reflector 7.0 hacked version.

Then it will be very useful to make patches easily.


Thanks in advance


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ILanguageManager Manages formatting modules for different programming languages. The ActiveLanguage property exposes the ILanguage object currently used for rendering. You can add your own language rendering code by implementing the ILanguage interface. Use RegisterLanguage to add your add-in to ILanguageManager.

And https://www.simple-talk.com/dotnet/.net-framework/-.net-reflector-meets-the-codedom/

You must implement these interfaces: Reflector.CodeModel.ILanguage and Reflector.CodeModel.ILanguageWriter
Hope it helps! Anyway hard to make it without the Reflector source code!

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