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Add in the helpfile where to place the plugins?


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dnam this works awesome, just debugged a target fast, it feels almost like in olly! (has all features now - i need) its also stable.

really good job on this one and ScyllaHide plugin also works really good.


one think i want to mention: you should add in the helpfile where to place the plugins, i had to ask cypher, because i wasnt able to get this easy solution to create Plugins folder and put ScyllaHide into that folder to get it working. happy reversing in 64bit flavour!  :punk:

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@Artic: Good idea to add that to the manual, but nobody is really going to read that anyways lol :D Maybe I will add an option to install a plugin.


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i did :D yes you right, maybe add something in the options/Preferences where to put the plugins.

i know im different, im reading helpfiles before asking!



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I read it too before managing to guess the plugins folder might be the same as Olly


I usually read the help files actually - maybe that makes me odd ;)

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