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I would like to contribute to x64_dbg project


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Because the author of x64dbg cannot receive any messages I will try this way and hopefully I do not violates the board rules. I only registered an account to ask the following question:



I am the author of TIA:
I saw your project x64dbg and I tried to fork it some time ago. But due my bad skills in using the "titan debugger" (which sounds great like a great idea!) I did not understand what you did there (or I did not understand all I need to understand to create useful extensions to your project).
My though is that we do not need another creepy Debugger in TIA or another dying project of mine. So I would like to contribute to your project instead of writing an own bad stupid debugger+gui. To be honest I currently have no plan how to write a custom working debugger. But I like my ideas in the GUI I've created. 
There is also a working exe that demonstrates the GUI:
May be we can merge some code of mine to your project. To be more precise: I ask you to use my GUI code and integrate this into your debugger+gui interface. What do you think about that? 
Short: I would ( I WANTS) to contribute to your project, but I have no plan how I can get started and if I would helpful for you. This should not be advertising for my project since it won't become a full working debugger and so it is not a competing project. It only was a project to try some things in Qt to learn.If you do not need anything, I want to apologize for your time.
PS: feel free to use the part of my source that tries to recognize DLL-calls and their arguments list for auto-comments 
PSS: To make things clear. I only want to inform you, that you can use my code if it is usefull for you
edit: What I've got so far:



see corresponding fork

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@tr4ceflow: My email is always open :) maybe you were placed in spam on accident. To get to the point, I wouldn't like to drop all my (and Sigma's) work and start using your GUI. I think it's not fit for debugging, but more for static analysis, so I was thinking, we could maybe integrate a static part in the debugger. Dropping the olly-like GUI just doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

Currently I'm still in Paris, so I'll respond properly to you on monday.


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