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Bug in Dump Windows


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- bug in dump windows


1. start test.exe

2. break on WP

3. enter "dump 401000"

4. empty dump window

5. ok. only after scroll can see dump :(


p.s. add "dump" command on right mouse button -> "Follow in dump" :)

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strings and api search would be awesome, then i can use it to debug/dissam x64 targets.

i guess this will take a while until its done.


thanks for all the work you put into it.

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@Hellsp@wn: Will be fixed in the next release probably.

@Artic: The GUI part is done, which means there is a searchable list programmable through a simple API, but I have to create a more stable (and especially faster) disassembling translation engine, which will take quite some time. I already got string search working, but it took 20 minutes to search ntdll.dll's code section :P


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