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[Unpackme] ConfuserEx 0.2.1


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Post #6 i know everything how to do it but i dont know anything how i can do it .



i think refproxy replace time got exception just follow


#6 icon_share.pngPost


cleaned file renamed res


edited rebuild ilasm


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Hadits follower




this is no hf that you are posting a screenshot a easy thing what you did .


here is tutorial what he did a new b also can do it.

1. download http://www.ntcore.com/exsuite.php

1. load file as cff explorer

3. go cff explorer direction "Address Converter" 

4. Rva put => 0x523a  0ffset => 3431   c# noncracked "==" ___ Cracked "!="

5. hex byte you see 2d => iL => brtrue.s edit hex 2c br => iL => brfalse.s


done cracked thats it his screenshot .


Try always post the exe not screenshot in this forums

Test_Exe _Cracked_hisfile.zip

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