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Tuts 4 You

[keygen-me]C4N - #2


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From an old kg I coded ages ago (will post later to let others try first):


Name: Tuts4You

Serial: 79A08A6D07E71199


Name: Pizza For All

Serial: 67986A9F5966BBA5

Edited by ChOoKi
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Remember that people are not forced to see your solution, they will only see it if they want, so post away your stuff

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ps.: check longer names too

@ sama: A very good point indeed and to know that you noticed it too, still not sure if was deliberate or mere accident, time will tell.

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Also, I would like that people wouldn't see this as a competition, but rather a exercise of crypto for the very newbies, reason for wich I will not select a particular answer as a winner.

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