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de-allocate memory necessary?


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i allocated memory using VirtualAlloc. this i have done 9 times.

now i don't need those memory anymore so do i have to free/remove them to improve the application's cpu?


i mean, i know when the application is gonna terminate, all memory will be freed, but while the application is running, and i don't need the allocated memory anymore, is it better to remove/free that memory to have a lower pcu usage or something?

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sure its better to free the memory again if you don't need it anymore.So if user XY used a low level PC with less memory then user XY PC's is getting slower.Also a question how much sizes you alloc (don't think that you wanna alloc 9x 500 MB VirtualMemory or?). :)



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If you deallocate memory the less likely the OS needs to perform paging commit and that requires disk access and it will be slow

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thanks people.


so i used VirtualAlloc to allocate memory, which api do i need to de-allocate this memory?

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