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you can use UPX as free compression tool but in free tools may you won't find more security such as anti-debugging , etc. so if you want good security you should pay for it , may be artan protector was what is you want ;)

official website : www.artanprotector.com

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@Pancake: Good protection for free? That's hard. :) For x86 there are some free code virtualizers you could try (eg. http://code.google.com/p/x86-virtualizer/). For x64 you could try LARP64. For .NET there is Confuser and ConfuserEx. But be prepared to spend quite some time studying how to use these tools properly (and expect some bugs!).


@Gladiator: spamm... err, advertising your own protector again? Did you fix the issues reported 2 weeks ago (here and here)? 


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