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[KeygenMe]Hi,this is my keygenme,made in 2010

Go to solution Solved by xSRTsect,

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Only Keygens Are Allowed.

A Tutorial Would Be An Added Bonus. 

Language: VC 6.0
Packer: AsPack2.34
Please Do Solve.



If you can not solve it,ask me for a legal name & code.

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This is strange, I thought the only way of raising a atomic division exception was to do div by 0.

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.text:0040110B cmp dword ptr [ebp+10h], 33h

.text:0040110F jnz short loc_40113C

.text:00401111 push 10h

.text:00401113 call ds:GetKeyState

.text:00401119 movsx eax, ax

.text:0040111C test eax, eax

.text:0040111E jge short loc_40113C

.text:00401120 mov dword_408574, 1

.text:0040112A mov ecx, dword_408570

.text:00401130 sub ecx, 586h

.text:00401136 mov dword_408570, ecx

Dude, thats a little bit too crazy for a crackme. Experimental credentials:


User: zzzz

pw: !!!_#

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