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[KeyGenMe] My personal contribution #8

Go to solution Solved by ChOoKi,

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1.I am the LORD thy God 2.Thou shalt have no other gods 3.No graven images or likenesses 4.Not take the LORD's name in vain 5.Remember the sabbath day 6.Honour thy father and thy mother 7.Thou shalt not kill 8.Thou shalt not commit adult



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  • You are supposed to provide a working license file for your name, and give a short explanation of the problem

Good luck

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Reeinvent the wheel ?? WTF... did you solve this? No , you did not. the point of solving a crackme in my vision, is to learn more, but , fornication me, right?

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Cool, and sorry for the spoil but there are retards everywhere. And I don't like CR. And yes I am #PT

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Ih this thread who will be the retarded because im like the drunk reader. I don't get-it.


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