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OllyDBG 2.01 plugin SDK bug ?!


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when using Ollys builtin options feature ODBG2_Pluginoptions with

static WCHAR opt_ollyTitle[TEXTLEN] = {};
static t_control scyllahideoptions[] =
CA_EDIT, OPT_16, 200, 30, 40, 10, NULL,
L"Olly title"

the SDK doc says that the opt_ollyTitle variable will be updated with the modifications you did on WM_CLOSE. however this doesnt work for some reason ! For CA_CHECK (checkboxes) it works...


Am I doing sth wrong ?


As a hacky workaround I now do

extc t_control* ODBG2_Pluginoptions(UINT msg,WPARAM wp,LPARAM lp) {
if(msg==WM_COMMAND) {
if(LOWORD(wp)==OPT_16) {
//yes this is hacky but for some reason CA_EDIT wont update its buffer
//so we need to get changes somehow else
HWND options = FindWindow(L"OD_EMPTY", L"Plugin options");
if(options) {
GetDlgItemTextW(options, OPT_16, opt_ollyTitle, 256);

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