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[Help] Inject x64 DLL into x64 PE File


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HelloI have problem with injection 64 bit dll into 64 bit exe file , in case i don't know what i should to do ?
any one can help me with information , sources or some thing that solve my problemThanks

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Look at VirtualAllocEx + CreateRemoteThread, just start a new thread at LoadLibraryW and provide a newly allocated page as argument.

Its not much different from x32.


Mr. eXoDia

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Thanks Dear Mr.eXoDia & Dear Dreamer for reply

But i means Code Injection via Dll Directly to PE File not to Process

Look Likes Armadillo and many other protectors and packers

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That is not called "injection". ;)


Theoretically, everything is the same as in 32-bit world. The biggest difference is that you pass arguments to function in registers, not on stack.

What did you try and what exactly did not work?

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Is this for your payware EXE packer/protector?

Looks to me for that article, you need to read up on the differences between x64 PE header and x86....


If it was me, I would just use TitanEngine for such things, plus a decent x64 assembler like AsmJit.

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If you wanna execute your DllMain with the executable start: use CFF Explorer (import adder, add a random import).


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Ah! Then you need to understand the decryption/encryption of the file inside the executable and you also need to patch some crc checks.

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I think Gladiator is meaning this in a protection sense, so this applies to unprotected apps.

Might be for a x64 port of his protector?

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