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nice blog ,and Good start . :smartass:



Please tell us your strong anti-debug stuff...

I think I can give u a very good example if u want (and allow me ) . I can upload the program for u .

the protection depended on QueryPerformanceCounter , GetTickCount , QueryPerformanceFrequency ,

to defeat HW-BP and BP and step in step out :sweat:

let me know if u want to study it  :plus:  .

by the way the target not protected by any protector .

Good luck in ur new blog - I have add it to our best sites of exetools site list -

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I am currently working on a ring3 hide plugin/tool and that is why I am currently looking for anti-debug stuff. I know that there is TitanHide, but sometimes you don't want to install a driver and it cannot protect against things like BlockInput.

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